The usage of Polygraphs in the Office


Using polygraph tests in the office in an attempt to Know the truth with lie detectors can be a dangerous proposition for companies. Labor laws protect job and employees applicants from the indiscriminate use of polygraphs, called lie detectors commonly. A misstep in giving a polygraph test could lead to a suit if workers or applicants accuse a company of violating their particular rights.

The Employee Polygraph Security Act prohibits typically from requiring or asking for that workers or job applicants send to polygraph testing, according to the U. T. Section of Labor. The act also prohibits firing workers or discriminating against them if they will refuse to take polygraph tests in situations where the regulation enables employers to administer the examinations.


Armored-car service providers and pharmaceutic distributors are amongst employers who can need job candidates to consider polygraph tests. Companies in such industrial sectors must follow strict suggestions when giving the tests. Polygraph examiners, for example , must have a legitimate license to give the examinations in states exactly where license is required. Firms should seek suggestions from an attorney to ensure they stick to federal and condition regulations for using the tests in the work environment.

Felony Activity

Workers could be asked to take polygraph tests when they’re suspected of being associated with incidents that trigger significant harm or economic losses for their employer, such since embezzlement. However , employees have the right to refuse to take a polygraph test. The EPPA prohibits employers from taking action against workers solely to get refusing to send to an test in such situations.


Employers whom request or need a worker or work applicant to take a polygraph test must offer a written notice. This must consist of the date, location and time of the test. Additionally, it must outline the individual’s rights and the queries the evaluator basically allowed to ask. Examinees have the right to stop the test, and so they can consult with a lawyer before each portion of the exam.


Polygraph results might not be useful evidence for employers, if employees suspected of committing workplace crimes fail the test even. The examinations are inadmissible in court in pennsylvania, New York, Tx and other states. Queries about the dependability of polygraphs have got caused some process of law to stop the usage of test results since evidence, according to the internet site LegalMatch.

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