The Best Dog Vest for Man’s Best Friend

There are two types of dog vest that exist according to its functionality and they both look basically the same. There is the dog vest that functions like a real vest for the dogs and cover them during the very cold days especially when their owners take them along for hunting. The vests for these dogs usually cover almost all of their body to keep them warm. These vests allow the dogs to run free as they want.

The other type of vest is a harness that looks more like a butler’s vest than an actual vest. Most owners choose this type of harness because it is the most comfortable harness to wear. The dogs might feel they are in a collar minus possible suffocation. However it requires basic research before you buy Dog vest and that will definitely bring comfort to any breed of dog.

Dog Vest for the Hunting Dog

A dog vest is a kind of must for the hunting dog as the weather can really get extremely cold during hunting and the surroundings also can be dangerous. Hunting can be dangerous even for a dog. The owners who care for their dog wouldn’t take a chance and would surely think of giving their dog a protective vest before the hunt. To meet this purpose, there is a vest especially made for hunting dogs that comes with a protective chest plate. The vest can also act as a sort of protector of the dog from harshest conditions that might occur during the hunt. Dog vest as such proved to have saved dogs from possible injuries.

Dog Vest Harness for the Loyal Pet

Some dog owners opt to buy dog vest harness for their loyal pet because it can make their dog comfortable instead of using collar. Some owners even expressed that their dog looked happier and livelier. Dog vest harness can be so discreet that most dogs won’t even notice that they have one unless they are in chains and notice with their limited movements.

Dog vest harness is best for big dogs that are difficult to control. You get a lot of power to pull your pet away if they try to run after something while you are walking down the street unlike if you put it in collar, you will be limiting yourself because you don’t want your dog to choke. With the dog vest harness, you don’t need to worry about any of those.

Best Dog Vest to Choose

Choosing the best dog vest solely depends on the usage of the owner. The owner of the dog who loves to hunt would naturally choose a vest different than the owner of the ordinary pet dog. It is unfair to compare these two vests as they are meant to serve different purpose. Both vests have their own reasons for being so and both vests are best for their respective dogs. There is really no better vest and you need to pick one which gives you convenience and meets your purpose.

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