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Metal detecting has many benefits other than perhaps one day discovering a hoard of coins.

It is very beneficial health wise, because of the amount of walking, digging and being out in the fresh air it can help us stay fit, lose weight, tone up and increase stamina. It is not over strenuous and you can go at your own pace, so metal detecting can be enjoyed by all the family young and old, male or female.

Metal Detecting Guide

Meeting friends is something else that comes part and parcel with the hobby, there are many clubs to join located all over the world, and many rallies to partake in.

You could also join forums on the internet and I also know there are some very good pages on Facebook including our own where you can meet new friends and join in the discussions or share your stories. The people are very friendly and if you have any questions I am sure there will be someone who will be willing to help you. I have listed all of the known metal detecting clubs in the UK, and we plan on adding more from around the world at a later date. However if you are someone who likes to be alone, or just with the family then the hobby is perfect. I have known many people take their wives and children on a day out with a detector.

There is something very peaceful about the hobby, and in turn can help with stress. While you are out there in the open space around the country side, or on a beach your mind is focused on the treasure hunt which in turn can help day to day worries leave your mind for a while. In my years of detecting, I have also seen some very beautiful sunsets and witnessed some incredible views. Sometimes in life we forget just how beautiful the world can be.

While taking in these views it really does help us put things in perspective.

Beginners Metal detecting hoard

Financial gain is another benefit of the hobby, now there are rules and laws to follow so be sure to read our code of conduct page and our UK laws page. However if your main goal is to make some extra money while doing something you enjoy it is very possible.

Not every day will be a good day!

but I did pay for my first metal detector with finds I made within the first 6 months.

You never know either you could discover the next hoard of coins and become extremely rich, we can dream at least! It’s not something you should consider as a replacement for a job unless you can afford to support yourself financially. While out with your metal detector you are learning, learning about the history of our ancestors and their cultures. You will gain knowledge on coinage, tools, jewellery and other items people used years ago. It’s just part of the hobby taking home all of your finds, cleaning your finds and then researching them.

It’s exciting to find out what it is you have found, where it was from, who used it and why!

So if after reading all of the above you are starting to think that this is something you would perhaps enjoy then we can advance on to the next post, which will cover choosing a metal detector that is right for you, the tools you will need and why, and where you can go with your metal detector.

Metal Detecting For Beginners

So you have decided that metal detecting sounds like it could be something you would enjoy and now you need the answer to the question. What do I need to get started metal detecting and how much is it going to cost me? You’re going to need a few things to get you started, A Metal Detector, Headphones, Clothes, Boots, something to dig with and an optional pin pointer.

Choosing a Metal detector at that is right for you can be a task on its own, with so many options available and so many conflicting opinions on what is the best for a beginner. Firstly you are going to need to work out your budget, I mean if you have plenty of money and this isn’t an issue then you can opt for an all singing all dancing machine, but if your working with a budget don’t worry there are plenty of options available still. You should start by finding yourself a little time, and reading through reviews, I have a best metal detector reviews section of our website you can begin with.

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