Is Breast Enhancement Cream Safe for Lactating Mothers?


Every women desire’s to look their best with a very attractive figure. For achieving this, they adopt different methods to slim down and get a perfect posture. Another common observation is that ladies who have become new mommies are most worried about their figure as they gain a lot during their pregnancy. Hence they also adopt different methods to make themselves attractive.

To get back their charming figure, most lactating mothers opt for a breast enhancement method which promises to make their breasts soft, firm and beautiful. The different Breast Actives methods one can avail are breast enhancement surgery, pills, gels, ointments and creams. Now the question what comes in mind is whether these enhancement methods are safe? The breast enhancement surgery is much more costly than the other methods. With this one can get a sure result but the surgery if not done by an expert professional may lead to different side effects. The breast enhancement pills work by producing several hormones which act as a constructing agent but these pills often have very bad side effects by disturbing the normal hormonal balance. The gels, ointments and creams do not have severe side effects only if it does not suit an individual it may lead to rashes or skin problems.

Now here comes the important information for the new moms. Though it’s a big concern for lactating mothers to beautify themselves, it is strongly recommended for them not to go for any breast enhancement methods. While breastfeeding surgery is not a good idea, taking pills may lead to hormonal imbalances which may lead to any disturbance in the feeding method. The gels, creams an ointment though will not have any impact internally to the mother but it may have an adverse effect on the baby. While sucking milk the baby may take in traces of the breast enhancement cream which may have a negative impact for the baby. Hence it is a strict no no for lactating mothers to use breast enhancement cream.

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