If you consider buying a car, what are the first things you consider?


The first plan is to prepare your finances. You may have chosen the model you like and you are already saving money for it. Or maybe, you already have an amount in your pocket and you are looking for a car that will fit to that. If a brand new car won’t fit to your budget, there are pre-owned that you can also try.

Actually, there are many affordable auto you can buy these days. Manufacturers understood the need for transport especially for those who are working far from their homes. Yes, there may be public transport available but the convenience of driving own car is incomparable to riding a public bus.


There are different car models that suit every budget. If you are buying for your own use and let’s say you are only a beginner in driving, you can buy smaller car so you will feel comfortable driving. On the other hand, if you are buying for your family, you must buy the size that can carry you altogether.


Note too that quality varies depending on your budget. You must not always be overwhelmed with low cost automobiles. Scrutinize the parts, drive test, check for quality marks before buying. Not all affordable autos have good quality. Ask your dealer or if possible bring a mechanic with you to help you assess the quality.

When buying an auto, never be an impulsive buyer. Consider cost, quality, and the size. Most of all, consider your safety especially if you are driving for your family.

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