Ideal Rabbit Hutch


Rabbits are not only cute but also they make excellent pets demanding minimal upkeep once you understand about their behavior and life. A rabbit can live for a period of 4-15 years. Therefore if you intend to keep rabbits then you have to be ready to make a commitment to caring for the rabbits for all that period. In addition, rabbits are social animals and will, therefore, require your time to interact with them. Rabbits live in structures known as hutches. A rabbit expert can either single level or multileveled. The choice between the two will be determined by the number of rabbits that you need to shelter. In addition, the hutches can be either indoor or outdoor.

If you choose the indoor rabbit hutch, then you have to allow some outdoor time for it. You should create an outdoor run for the rabbit but be careful against predators. In an unsecured rabbit run, never leave the rabbits unsupervised. Rabbits living in the indoor rabbit hutches should be provided with a form of entertainment. Allow the rabbits freedom to run around in a room. However, ensure that there is nothing that will harm the rabbits.

If you have space in your garden or backyard, then you can go for an outdoor rabbit hutch. These hutches come in various sizes and designs. You should always ensure proper hutch size for your rabbits. The general of hutch size is that it should be four times the size of the rabbit. Your rabbit should be able to turn easily, hop around, and stand on rear feet without hurting the head from the ceiling. Rabbits like exploring and are naturally inquisitive so should allow enough space for your rabbits. In addition, some hutches include an outdoor run which gives a rabbit safe outdoor time.

In the case of limited space, you can go for a multilevel rabbit hutch. This will, therefore, ensure sufficient space for your rabbits. When choosing outdoor hutches, it would be better if you opt for wooden hutches. A wooden hutch is ideal since it provides insulation and warmth. If you in cold environment, then additional insulation will be required. Hutches covers that provide extra warmth and insulation are available.

Security should also be a major consideration when choosing a rabbit hutch. Rabbits get frightened very easily and can even get scared to death. Therefore the hutch should be sealed off from perceived threats. The threats are not only predators but also weather threats such rain and storms. You should provide straws for the rabbit to burrow in and hide when it gets intimidated.

The hutch should also be easier to clean. Some hutches come with pull out trays which collects litter from the rabbits. When the tray is full, it can be pulled out and the litter disposed of. This makes cleaning the hutch easier. In addition, some hutches include a storage space where you can store rabbit feeds and other related items.

Therefore when choosing a rabbit hutch, Keep in mind the required size, safety, and practicality. The right choice of hutch will give assurance of having a healthy and admirable pet.

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