Why Instagram Followers DO Matter


Instagram is an incredibly underrated social media platform that individuals and businesses alike are not using to its full potential. Having a large following on Instagram can offer a handful of benefits, both online and in the real world, some of which we will be covering in todays blog post. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but we are here to prove that a picture can be worth a whole lot more!

Presentation and Appearance

Whether or not people like to admit it, the amount of followers you have on social media can speak volumes about yourself or your brand. A proven theory called ‘Social Proof’ shows that people are far more likely to trust a person or a business that has a large social presence. Why? Think of every follower as a vote of confidence, people think to themself: “If so many other people trust this profile, why shouldn’t we trust them too?” . If you’re interested in learning more about Social Proof, we have a full article dedicated to it here.

Greater Influence

This point is strongly linked to the one above, a larger following on social media will give you a greater influence over users on that particular platform. Firstly, this will lead to an increase in natural growth on your profile, because if so many people already follow you then you must post good pictures, right? You can also use your powerful influence to direct people to your website, other social media profiles or even eBay listings – which will help you to gain more visitors, sales and followers on other social websites.

Monetize your Social Media

Not a lot of people know this, but you can actually make a decent amount of pocket money through your Instagram account if your following is large enough. There are a few different ways you can start making an income through your social media profiles.

Sell Promotion – You may notice that most larger Instagram profiles have contact emails in their bio section, so companies and other profiles can contact them. Promotion is straight forward, you simply make a post on your profile that the business or individual will provide you with. There are also plenty of websites such as Shoutcart where you can advertise your promotional services.

Affiliate Sales – Does your Instagram specialise in a particular area such as Fashion or Gaming? If so, affiliate sales might be the way to go. Simply find a website that offers an affiliate program and sign up, you will then receive your own custom link. Whenever a purchase is made through this link, you receive a commision.

Sell Photos – Have a passion for photography? If so, you can use your Instagram account as an online portfolio. There are plenty of content creators out there looking for high quality images, just make sure you include a small disclaimer and contact method on your profile somewhere.

Share Shoutouts

This one is perfect for any individual or community page, but you shouldn’t do this from a business profile you own. Once you have gained a few thousand Followers, you can start growing your profile exponentially by trading shoutouts with users that have a similar Free Instagram Followers to you. On Instagram, people share shoutouts by uploading an image from the other account and including their profile link or username in the caption. You can share shoutouts across all social platforms by simply contacting multiple accounts that are of a similar size to you – This is perhaps the fastest way to gain more followers and is a strategy utilised by many of the top senior social marketers at companies such as David Roads Media and The Social Media Hat.

Increased Enjoyment

While there are many benefits related to growth and monetary principles, it’s important to mention that having a large following can make Instagram much more fun to use! Instagram can connect you with cool people who share similar interests to you. There are countless stories on the internet of married couples that actually met on Instagram, not to mention the millions of long distance friendships! Finally, having a large following is likely to ensure you get a large amount of likes on every picture you upload; and who wouldn’t enjoy that?

We have just scraped the surface in terms of the rewards you can reap from having a large presence on social media, however hopefully this article has given you an incentive to grow your following on Instagram. Regardless of whether you spend money or time, acquiring a large fan base on social media is a smart investment that will last a lifetime!

How to Increase YouTube Subscribers

Growing the number of subscribers on YouTube is the way social media’s achieves and builds traditional email listing of subscribers. The fact is that emails today have been infiltrated by spam whereas on the contrary, at least 50 percent of YouTube users long in daily. It has been reported that rates of conversion for Twitter and YouTube are very consistent across several campaigns of social media marketing.

There are a host of steps which anyone can take in order to increase subscribers on YouTube. First is to advertise on YouTube itself and secure more people to like your video. This method presents the fastest one for growing your fan base.

Daily rotate your ads since internet users often become tired of being fed with repetitive information. Ensure to refresh your ad every so often. Rates of conversion may drop by half after your first 24 hours.

more subscribers

How to get subscribers on YouTube

Make the YouTube Box for Social Plug-in a part of your website or blog. Another way of boosting your subscribers is by providing exclusive video for free, which should only be accessible once a person subscribers particular content. You also might opt to operate online competition as well as publishing a prominent poster that requests persons to like your page.

Take some time also and request associates plus friends to also like your video. Further on, you could offer a video series class for free as is done for subscriber acquisition email. Another way of promoting your number of subscribers on YouTube is by posting video content there every time you make new posts.

You should treat YouTube just like your extension. Ascertain to provide videos of high quality that are compelling. These are suitable for the audience which you target and should keep them waiting for more and drive their friends to generate more subscribers.

Do remember to include a follow us indication on the YouTube button located near your website blog plus website top. Create a section for subscribes/subscribers too that makes use of great incentive and provides good reasons for internet users to generate subscribers on your page. One may also buy YouTube subscribers as a good way to boost.