Here’s Your New Year’s Resolution: Best House Buying 2017


Let’s begin the year with amazing news: We’re starting 2017 in a much better economic shape than previous years. Despite what many people think, unemployment is down to around 5%, that’s right, certainly its lowest level since September 2007; without a doubt trust is higher between consumers. Now, in terms of property values, more than half of the major markets in have recovered.

This year is about feeling confident, employed, and working towards the path of recovering properties equity. The stock market is surely up and flirting with highs.

It seems like the perfect backdrop for house buying 2017, whether it’s the first time you buy a property, or are looking to relocate, it’s a go! Right?

Property Buying Trends Shaping 2017

Before you make any decision, you will need to analyze two relevant factors: the inventory of houses for sale is lower and mortgage rates are higher. Thus, make sure you check the latest mortgage rates.

On the other hand, the key challenge for potential house buyers in 2017 is that property rates are now most likely to increase more. As house sales have grown, supply has actually fallen. There is no time to wait. You might want to get started on your house buying 2017 search now.

If your New Year’s resolutions include purchasing a new home, we suggest getting an early start. House buyers in February and March face far less competition; however, property inventory is just marginally lower than in the spring.

Organize your financial data to find what you need easier. Stay tuned on new house and price fluctuations on neighborhoods that interest you. At Property Buyer UK we know the market and our team is ready to assist you to sell house fast for cash. Get in touch with one of our advisors today on 0800 612 7917 for a chat about this.

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